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The steel used to construct fences, lighting poles, steel-framed houses, and shelves in major retailers is the focus of a newly published standard backed by Australian research and the latest technology. AS/NZS 4600:2018 Cold-formed steel structures has been published following extensive consultation with stakeholders across Australia and New Zealand.

‘The benefit of this standard goes well beyond the steel industry,’ said CEO of Standards Australia, Bronwyn Evans. ‘With such widespread use of this steel, the Australian and New Zealand public as a whole have the potential to see the changes intended by this standard.

‘The type of steel covered by this standard, often referred to as light gauge steel, is everywhere. Not only is it in the shelves and racks of popular retailers and major warehouses, but many shopping centres will also use this steel in construction, proving the far-reaching impact of the standard.’

AS/NZS 4600:2018:

  • includes world-leading research undertaken by Australian experts and a brand new section on fire design, guiding the use of the steel in reducing the impact of fires
  • sets out minimum requirements for the design of structural members cold-formed to shape from carbon or low-alloy steel sheet, strip, plate, or bar not more than 25 mm in thickness and used for load-carrying purposes in buildings
  • also applies to structures other than buildings, as long as appropriate allowances are made for dynamic effects
  • doesn’t apply to the design of structures subject to brittle fracture.

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