Road safety barrier systems and devices – new standard

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A new joint standard on road safety devices has been published. 

AS/NZS 3845.2:2017 Road safety barrier systems and devices - Part 2: Road safety devices sets out the requirements for both permanent and temporary safety devices that include bollards, pedestrian fences and channelisers, truck or trailer mounted attenuators, truck underrun barriers, and sign support structures and poles. 

The standard includes the following: 

  • testing methods and data
  • considerations in the evaluation process
  • manufacturing requirements
  • issues to be addressed in specifying road safety barrier systems including documentation required
  • erection and maintenance practices necessary to achieve expected performance
  • minimum site conditions (cross slope, placement of kerbs or similar) that enable the system to have acceptable system performance when impacted
  • steps to evaluate the nature of repairs necessary following a crash. 

NB: Longitudinal road safety barriers; terminals; crash cushions; interfaces, including transitions; and longitudinal barrier gates are specified in AS/NZS 3845.1:2015 Road safety barrier systems and devices – Part 1: Road safety barrier systems

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