Correction Amendments to AS/NZS 1554 Structural Steel Welding Parts 1, 5, and 7

Steel being welded

​In May 2015, Standards Australia senior management was alerted to the fact that the 2014 editions within the AS/NZS 1554 suite contained material that was included without adherence to Standards Australia’s standards development processes. 

The relevant material relates to specifications contained in the following standards:

- AS/NZS 1554.1:2014 Structural Steel Welding, Part 1: Welding of steel structures

- AS/NZS 1554.5:2014 Structural Steel Welding, Part 5: Welding of steel structures subject to high levels of fatigue loading

- AS/NZS 1554.7:2014 Structural Steel Welding, Part 7: Welding of sheet steel structures

To ensure that the AS/NZS 1554 suite of standards remain trusted documents, Standards Australia will issue correction amendments to remedy the breach of process. We will keep you updated on progress through Touchstone. If you would like more information, please email


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