Transpower Neighbourhood Engineers Awards 2014

An 'enviro-outdoor' classroom and a device to detect children walking behind a vehicle are the big winners in the 2014 Transpower Neighbourhood Engineers Awards.

The awards are an IPENZ initiative, voluntarily supported by Futureintech Ambassadors and IPENZ members. The aim is to get students to meet a need, problem, or opportunity in their school or local community. Projects can be grand or simple. They can involve the whole school, a class, a group, or just one student.

Leamington Primary School in Cambridge won the junior section with their project, 'Tuatara Park' – an 'enviro-outdoor' classroom where future students will be able to learn about native birds, plants, and animals.

Mission Heights Junior College won the senior rection with 'Sixth Sense'. The project looked at reducing driveway accidents as the team of students researched how to create an affordable reverse camera/sensor device.

Summarised from an IPENZ media release, 29 October 2014.

Published in engineering.