UK water supply pipelines standard

BS 8561 Specification for mechanical fittings for use in the repair, connection and renovation of pressurized water supply pipelines. Requirements and test methods is the first standard of its sort that specifies requirements for repair/renovation and connection fittings for use on existing water mains pipes such as repair couplings, flange adaptors, repair clamps/collars, encapsulation units, under pressure tees, and so on.

The commentary in the standard reflects the state of the UK regulations in 2012, which refers to The Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2010. The standard is produced by a panel of water industry and UK manufacturing experts.

Ian Whittaker, chairman of the drafting panel, says the publication of BS 8561 raises the profile of this critical area of water industry fittings (approx. annual sales value £10m). 'It provides manufacturers with a sound basis for determining that their products will meet the needs of the users and the water industry with the confidence that products will perform correctly.'

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