Health and Safety Practitioner of the Year award – EQC’s Alison Murphy

EQC Health and Wellbeing Manager Alison Murphy has won the NZ Institute of Safety Management Health and Safety Practitioner of the Year award. The award is part of the New Zealand Workplace Health & Safety Awards 2014.

Alison was recognised as a key person behind the development of systems to protect EQC field staff working in Canterbury. In particular, the development of the Safe6 programme focusing on the six most significant risks facing home repair contractors, and an EQC programme to monitor injury data and feed trend analysis back to where it is needed.

EQC and Fletcher EQR developed the Safe6 'rules to live by' to manage risks to those working on the Canterbury Home Repair Programme. Their goal was to see everyone on their workforce gets home safely each night. The Safe6 include falls, working in confined spaces, electrical danger, motor vehicle danger, personal threats, and exposure to asbestos.

At the awards, Alison acknowledged her team’s efforts and the challenges EQC staff face on a daily basis.

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