Part of the contract Meritorious Service Award Winner Andrew Brickell

Andre Brickell

Issue 45 – December 2012

This month we feature Andrew Brickell who was one of this year's Meritorious Service Award winners.

During a career that spans over 45 years, Andrew Brickell has worked as a civil engineer and project manager around the world. He started his career with the Ministry of Works and later worked for contractors, local authorities, and five consultancies on projects in 19 countries. He is now Chief Engineer, Construction Contracts at MWH in Auckland.

Andrew earned his Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) from the University of Canterbury and went on to receive his Master of Engineering Science from the University of Melbourne. He also gained a Bachelor of Business Studies and Diploma of Business Administration from Massey University.

In his current role, much of Andrew's work includes advising clients on the documentation, procurement, and administration of construction contracts, particularly those based on NZS 3910:2003 Conditions of contract for building and engineering construction. He also advises on conditions of contract published by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, and the NEC3 contract suite. Andrew is also a member of the Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand and is an experienced construction arbitrator.

NZS 3910 – leading the way

Along with several other engineers and contractors, Andrew was an early proponent of the development of a New Zealand-specific construction contract, the forerunner of NZS 3910. He was involved in developing concepts and drafts of what became NZS 3910 in 1979 and 1980. Today NZS 3910 is the most widely used standard form of contract conditions in New Zealand. Suited to New Zealand's industrial and legislative environment, NZS 3910 provides a standard form of general conditions of contract for incorporation into construction contract documents.

As an authority on construction contracting, Andrew has taught dozens of workshops for various organisations on the use of NZS 3910 and other construction contracts. He represents the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand and the Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand on the NZS 3910 development committee that is undertaking a limited technical review of the Standard. As a leader of one of the committee's working groups, Andrew is working with other committee members to ensure that NZS 3910 continues to meet the needs of New Zealand's building and construction sector.

Andrew's fellow committee member noted when nominating him for this award, 'As in any group of this nature, there are those who stand out because they participate actively, enthusiastically, and constructively . . . guiding debate from a position of knowledge and experience. Andrew is one such individual.'

A draft of the revised NZS 3910 was issued for public comment in September 2012 and submissions closed 9 November 2012. More than 1000 suggestions have been received and the revision committee is now working through the submissions. The revised Standard is expected to be published in mid-2013.

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