NZS 4404 2010 Land development and subdivision infrastructure freshly drawn CAD files available now

Issue 34 – December 2011

Standards New Zealand has arranged for freshly-drawn CAD files to be created to support NZS 4404:2010. These CAD files replace the previous CAD files which were corrupting when opened and included anomalies. The new versions include essentially the same information provided in the published version of NZS 4404:2010 incorporating Amendment No. 1, but some layout variations and small corrections to wording have also been included to assist users.

The CAD files are available in .dwg and .dxf formats and in a non-editable PDF. The CAD files in .dwg and .dxf are provided on a CDROM, and as an electronic download (.zip file).

The freshly-drawn CAD files have been redrawn by an external CAD specialist to ensure improved quality and usability. Due to the high costs involved in having the CAD files redrawn, we have had to recoup some of the expense by charging for the .dwg and .dxf files.

Purchase 4404:2010 CAD files in .dwg and .dxf

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Purchase 4404:2010 CAD files in PDF

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