IRHACE Seminar ASNZ 3666

IRHACE is running a seminar throughout New Zealand in November 2009 on 'Air-Handling and Water Systems of Buildings – Microbial Control – Design, Installation and Commissioning/Operation and Maintenance'. The seminar will be particularly relevant to designers, contractors, IQPs, Government Officials, TA officials, and so on (please feel free to forward to other interested parties).

Our presenter Clive Broadbent is well renowned and experienced in the area of air quality. He has run numerous seminars on air quality issues and was the only engineer working for the WHO in Beijing at the height of the SARS crisis. Clive will ensure the material is practical and that there's plenty of opportunity for questions. Some of you may already know Clive from his past association with IRHACE presenting papers and seminars over the years. His recent visit to New Zealand involved sites in Napier and Christchurch. You can catch some of his experiences at the website As seating is limited please register early.

  • Wellington Tuesday 17 November
  • Christchurch Thursday 19 November
  • Dunedin Friday 20 November
  • Auckland Monday 23 November
  • Hamilton Tuesday 24 November

All seminars will start at 11.30am with a networking lunch followed by an interactive presentation concluding around 4.30pm. Early registration is encouraged as all seminars have minimum/maximum number requirements.

Note: Attendees are asked to have a copy of AS/NZ 3666:2002 (Parts 1 & 2) to refer to during the seminar. Clive has also asked, if possible to bring along a copy of AS/NZ 3666.3:2000 (Part 3). IRHACE is currently negotiating with Standards New Zealand 'special prices' for AS/NZS 3666:2002 Parts 1, 2, and 3. IRHACE will advise as information comes to hand.

To register email or complete the application form on the attached pdf [239 kB PDF].

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