Public comment – Amendment to AS/NZS 3012:2010 with separate New Zealand-only appendix

Construction site in Cologne Germany 2017

Standards New Zealand is seeking feedback on an amendment to AS/NZS 3012:2010 Electrical installations – Construction and demolition sites. Note that there are two separate documents to review, one for New Zealand-only content and one for joint Australian/New Zealand content.

The proposed amendment to AS/NZS 3012 includes:

  • clarification on the use of temporary protected lighting systems able to be used on construction and demolition sites
  • general updating to align with the recently revised issues of AS/NZS 3000:2018 and AS/NZS 3010:2017
  • the addition of New Zealand-only Appendix L. Appendix L covers the provision of switchboards used for the power supply to tools and other equipment during the construction of domestic buildings (this was previously known as a builder’s temporary supply or builder’s box).

The proposed additional New Zealand-only appendix was not included in the joint draft. Appendix L is being released for comment only in New Zealand and will be merged with the joint standard draft following close of public comments. The closing date for comments on the draft appendix is 29 June 2018.

The amendment to AS/NZS 3012 excluding the proposed New Zealand only Appendix L is also available for public comment. The closing date for comments on this document is 10 July 2018.

Subject to the normal joint standards amendment approval processes, the amended AS/NZS 3012 is expected to be published later this year.

Note: Use of the amended AS/NZS 3012 in New Zealand is dependent on an Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 amendment being carried out.

Image by CC BY-SA 4.0 (, from Wikimedia Commons

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