Electrical safety standards work recognised – Pat Cunniffe

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This article is summarised from a NZ Herald article by Paul Brooks.

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In May, in a ceremony in Rotorua, Pat Cunniffe was presented with the prestigious Tom Leong Award for her contribution to electrical safety in New Zealand. Pat is a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit and a consumer advocate on many boards and standards committees, here and overseas.

As a member of many standards committees, Pat’s work has gone a long way to saving lives, particularly in the fields of electrical and gas safety. Widely published, Pat’s input has a huge impact on accepted and legal standards across a variety of industries.

The award was presented by Mike Chopping, one of the top electrical inspectors in New Zealand, on behalf of Electrical Safety NZ Inc at their AGM. Pat is the first such non-electrical recipient of the award, which consists of a framed citation and a large cup. She was also the first woman to be so honoured. To achieve this recognition, she attended a lot of standards meetings over 20 years and pushed hard to have the consumer voice heard and taken into account.

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