Certified Designs - Compliance with the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010

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A certified design enables the responsibilities, liabilities, and accountabilities of all parties that influence safety of completed work to be identified. Other parties (for example, installers) are entitled to rely on certified designs to establish compliance. 

For a design to be recognised as a certified design when it is being relied on to install, test, inspect, and connect installations it must document compliance with legislation and electrical safety. The design must:

- clearly identify the designer, include their signature, and be dated

- identify the location, or proposed location, the design refers to

- identify any standard or standards with which the installation complies or is intended to comply. 

The Electricity (Safety) regulations require certified designs for:

- high voltage installations

- installations being installed in accordance with Part 1 of AS/NZS3000.

From Energy Safety Business Update, July 2015

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