Reconnecting or restoring power supply to certain low voltage installations.

Energy Safety continues to receive queries from electrical workers regarding the above regulation.

The point raised most often has been around who can carry out the verification and issue the Certificate of Verification (CoV) in accordance with section 3 of AS/NZS 3019:2007 Electrical installations - Periodic verification.

Regulation 74(2) states:

If the period since the last disconnection or isolation of the installation or part installation is more than six months, the person proposing to reconnect or restore supply must, before doing so, give or sight a certificate issued in accordance with section 3 of AS/NZS 3019 that:

(a) was issued no earlier than six months before the date of reconnection or restoration of supply
(b) certifies that the installation or part installation is suitable for continued use
(c) is given by a person authorised to certify mains work.

The reference in 74(2)(c) means that a registered electrician is able to carry out this verification and issue the CoV, provided that that person is competent to carry out the verification – see 2.7 of AS/NZS 3019:2007. This requirement supersedes the provision of regulation 43A of the Electricity Regulations 1997, which specified that an electrical inspector was required to issue the CoV.

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