Gasfitting certification in imported caravans

Energy Safety has started to audit the high-risk records of gas and electrical practitioners. One issue that has come up in the gas area is where a certifying gasfitter has carried out some work on an imported caravan. Typically, the high-risk record details that the gasfitter has installed a new pigtail and regulator, and then checked the rest of the installation against section 2 of AS/NZS 5601.2 Gas installations – Part 2: LP Gas installations in caravans and boats for non-propulsive purposes.

This discharges the gasfitter’s obligation, but if the importer intends to supply the caravan, the importer’s obligations are only partly met. The regulations regard an installation importer as being an appliance importer, and the appliances in the installation need to meet the New Zealand requirements. The appliances in the installation must be either endorsed by an approved practitioner or the caravan importer should have registered with Energy Safety as an appliance importer and made the required supplier declarations for the appliances in the caravan.

Gasfitters should advise their clients of their full obligations. Certifying work on an installation that has not met all the requirements for appliance safety may compromise the validity of that certification.

Summarised from Energy Safety’s Business Update, May 2014.

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