Rigorous testing for solar water heaters and heat pumps

Solar water heaters committee members in a meeting

Solar water heaters and heat pump components must pass rigorous testing to meet the standards developed by committee CS-028 Solar water heaters.

The 30-member joint committee, which met in Wellington in February, is chaired by Australian energy consultant, Ken Guthrie.

Mr Guthrie says the committee develops standards for the complete products and components based on performance, durability, and reliability.

‘Computer modelling is used extensively to determine system performance over a full year. A range of thermal performance tests are conducted under a standard set of conditions at hot and cold temperatures to determine how the water heater performs. We take into account the weather conditions, the amount of hot water that will be used by the  people in a house, and how much electricity will be needed.’

Mr Guthrie says the committee developed an interim standard (Australian only) in 2013 on solar cooling for houses which was a world first.

Current projects for CS-028 include reviews of:

AS/NZS 2535.1 Test methods for solar collectors Part 1: Thermal performance of glazed liquid heating collectors including pressure drop

AS/NZS 2712 Solar and heat pump water heaters – Design and construction

AS/NZS 4234 Heated water systems – Calculation of energy consumption

AS/NZS 5125.1 Heat pump water heaters – Performance assessment – Air source heat pump water heaters


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