Real estate invests in ISO 50001

A contingency fund based in Switzerland - Rentes Genevoises - has long been committed to managing its real estate portfolio responsibly, and uses ISO 50001 Environmental management systems - Requirements with guidance for use to control the energy expenditure of its buildings. ISO 50001 allows the organisation to set itself targets – and keep to them – such as improving the energy efficiency of their 60-strong building stock and reducing the cost of energy consumption while improving comfort for its tenants.

During some renovation work, the organisations fitted some of the buildings with presence detectors to regulate lighting in communal areas (laundry room, corridors, and lifts), replaced several oil-fired boilers with gas-fired boilers, and installed solar panels wherever possible. Real Estate Manager Isabelle Pilowsky says the first results are very positive.

‘Our target was to cut our CO2 emissions by 3% per year and in 2013 we achieved a 4.7% reduction.’

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