Gas meetings focus on safety and standards

To improve gas safety, Standards New Zealand organises and facilitates 6-monthly meetings of the Gas Community Group and Gas Sector Board. The groups met in March 2014 and reviewed gas safety and standards development work. 

Gas Community Group update

The Gas Community Group is a forum that brings together key stakeholders to share information and improve public safety. It includes regulators, industry groups, trade organisations, training organisations, and consumer groups.

At the March meeting:

  • Standards New Zealand provided an update on gas standards, including the revised NZS 7901 Electricity and gas industries – Safety management systems for public safety. This standard has been updated to refocus on the management of risk from gas and electricity assets, and to align with the principles and guidelines in the risk management standard, AS/NZS ISO 31000. NZS 7901 is expected to be published in late April 2014
  • the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commission participated for the first time and provided an update on its role in handling complaints
  • WorkSafe New Zealand provided an update on amendments to the Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations and highlighted that there has been a small increase in a number of unrelated incidents involving barbecues
  • The LPG Association, Gas Association of New Zealand, and the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board all gave an update on their work to improve gas safety.

Gas Sector Board update

The Gas Sector Board is an industry advisory group that includes regulators, industry groups, and trade organisations, many of whom are on the Gas Community Group. The Board focuses on gas standards and regulations, including current and future standards work, updates on any amendments to the Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations, and identifying priorities for future gas standards work.

At the March meeting:

  • Standards New Zealand provided an update on gas standards and upcoming work, including a revision of NZS 5259:2004 Gas Measurement, which is proposed for the 2014/15 work programme
  • WorkSafe New Zealand, the Energy and Efficiency Conservation Authority, and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment provided an update on their work related to gas regulations and standards.

If your organisation is interested in participating in either of these groups, please email


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