New book a guide to complying with ISO 50001 energy management systems

Issue 53 – September 2013

Effective implementation of ISO 50001:2011 Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use can improve energy efficiency, thereby reducing costs, and help meet regulatory demands. A new book, Implementing and Improving an Energy Management System – How to meet the Requirements of ISO 50001 is a practical guide to complying with the requirements of ISO 50001.

The book is written by experts who took part in the development of ISO 50001, Graham Wooding and Kit Oung. It provides a cost-effective, quick, and easy understanding and implementation of ISO 50001. It prepares the user for audit and/or verification.

  • Part A discusses ISO management system standards generally, putting ISO 50001 into context, explains how to get the most benefit from its use, and shows the steps necessary for implementation based on the ISO 'process approach'.
  • Part B covers the core technical principles of energy management needed for successful use of the standard. It is aimed at those non-energy professionals who would welcome some technical help.
  • Part C takes a clause-by-clause look at ISO 50001 offering interpretation of the requirements and hints and tips on how to achieve compliance, including what evidence an auditor might expect at each stage. Here you will find hints and tips on how to record and evidence your performance as well as answers to all of the most frequently asked questions.

The book will benefit both experienced energy managers looking for assistance setting up a formal management system for the first time, or experienced management system professionals with little energy experience.

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