IEC nominations and extensions

Issue 51 – July 2013

The International Electrotechnical Committee's (IEC's) Standardization Management Board (SMB) has approved several nominations and the extension of the terms of office of existing Technical Committee (TC) Chairmen.


Three new ACTEL members

The SMB has nominated Grace Wei as IEC TC 100, Audio, video, and multimedia systems and equipment/TA 9, Audio, video, and multimedia applications for end-user network, member to Advisory Committee on Telecommunications (ACTEL).

Toshihiro Inokuchi becomes TC 100/TA 9 alternate member.

Takashi Shibuya is now the Japan National Committee member to ACTEL. The nominations are effective immediately.

ACTEL deals with coordination activities and guidelines related to infrastructures used for communications. ACTEL is a venue for exchanging information and provides advice intended to avoid the development of conflicting standards.

Two new SMB SG 3 members

The SMB has approved the nomination of Dr Keith Torpy as Australian member to SMB SG (Strategic Group) 3, Smart Grid. Dr Jee-sik Park was also nominated as Korean member to SMB SG 3.

SMB SG 3 was established in 2008 for the development of a framework that includes protocols and model standards to achieve interoperability of smart grid devices and systems. It also aims at developing a long-term strategic plan where future new standards work is needed.

New SMB SG 5 member

The SMB has approved the nomination of Cristiano Masini as Italian alternate member to SMB SG 5: Ambient Assisted Living (AAL).

SMB SG 5 was established in 2011 to manage and coordinate AAL standardisation work in IEC TCs, to establish and achieve interoperability and interconnectivity of AAL systems, and accessible design of their user interface.

IEC TC 88 Wind turbines now in Denmark

The Danish National Committee has been designated by the SMB to be in charge of the IEC TC 88 secretariat, effective immediately. It is taking over the secretariat from The Netherlands.

TC 88 prepares international standards for wind turbines that convert wind energy into electrical energy. Their purpose is to provide a basis for design, quality assurance, and certification.


The extensions of the terms of office of the following IEC TC Chairmen have been approved by SMB:


Rodolfo Godinez, fifth extension of term of office as Chairman of TC 62, Electrical equipment in medical practice, for the period of May 2013 to May 2016.


First extension to the term of office of George Gela, Chairman of TC 78, Live working.

Summarised from IEC's e-tech, May 2013.


Published in energy.