AS/NZS 3000 Amendment 2 published

Issue 46 – February 2013

Standards New Zealand published Amendment 2 to AS/NZS 3000:2007 Electrical installations (known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules) in December 2012. Amendment 2 incorporates the requirements of the New Zealand-only Amendment A, which was published in September 2011. Amendment 2 also includes new requirements for:

    • inverter energy systems
    • warning signs in roof spaces where the installation of thermal insulation could interfere with recessed downlights. The new requirements will reduce the possibility of thermal insulation being installed incorrectly and will reduce fire risk from recessed downlights
    • electrical equipment associated with gas appliances and no-go zones around gas cylinders. The new clause for gas appliances includes requirements for isolation of electrically powered appliances and specifies the hazardous areas around gas bottles, gas meters, and regulators, within which electrical equipment is prohibited
    • airconditioners and heat pumps. Isolating switching requirements for airconditioners and heat pumps incorporating compressors are specified.

In addition, Amendment 2 includes several changes to clarify the technical requirements of the Standard and make it easier to understand.

A new hardcopy version of AS/NZS 3000 with Amendment 2 incorporated is available in a robust A5 ring binder, instead of a spiral bound Standard. This will make it easier to include future amendments and provides a more robust Standard for on-site use by electricians.

AS/NZS 3000 sets out requirements to select and install electrical equipment, and design and test electrical installations, especially for the essential requirements for safety of persons and livestock from physical injury, fire, or electric shock.


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