Which energy standards do you need?

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A new ISO & Energy brochure looks at how ISO standards are used in the sector. Over 150 ISO standards cover energy efficiency and renewables. These range from the energy management system standard ISO 50001:2011 Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use, which can be used by organisations in any sector, to standards for certain industries like buildings, transport, industry, information technology, and many more.

The standards cover carbon capture and storage, energy management, energy savings, environmental management, terminology, IT and household appliances, industrial products and processes, power generation, renewables, and solar and wind power.

Who benefits from ISO standards?

Organisations large and small can apply these voluntary standards to save energy and costs, and commit to sustainability without it being ‘imposed from above’. ISO standards avoid reinventing the wheel so organisations can invest resources in other areas like research and innovation.

These standards are continually improved and regulators can rely on them and use them as a technical basis for market-friendly regulations.

Governments can use ISO standards as practical tools to achieve their energy goals.

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