Importation of recreational vehicles fitted with LPG

Energy Safety has prepared the following advice for persons who have imported recreational vehicles (RVs) fitted with LPG, without first meeting their obligations under the Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010 (GSMR).

Depending on the age or condition of LPG installation and appliances it may or may not be possible for the installation and appliances to be made to comply with the GSMR. Energy Safety recommends that you take the following initial steps:

  • become familiar with provisions of the GSMR and advice for importers of RVs on the Energy Safety website
  • engage a certifying gasfitter to advise you whether or not the installations and appliances can be made safe for use on New Zealand LPG, and compliant with the GSMR.

If the LPG installations and appliances cannot be made safe and compliant then they may not be used. If they can be made safe and compliant, then Energy Safety recommends that you:

  • engage an approved practitioner (look for ‘approved practitioner’ on the Energy Safety website) and certifying gasfitter (most approved practitioners are also certifying gasfitters)
  • ask the approved practitioner to assess and endorse the appliances
  • ask the approved practitioner to ensure that all markings required by regulation 71 of the GSMR are present and clearly readable, and certify in writing that this is the case
  • ask a certifying gasfitter (who may also be the approved practitioner) to ensure that the LPG installations comply with section 2 of AS/NZS 5601.2 Gas installations – Part 2: LP Gas installations in caravans  and boats for non-propulsive purposes and confirm in writing that this is the case for any gasfitting work required to ensure the LPG installations comply with section 2 of AS/NZS 5601.2 or to enable the installations to be connected to New Zealand LPG cylinders, obtain copies of certificates from the certifying gasfitter
  • retain copies of all endorsements and certificates, and supply copies to any purchaser of the RV.

Ensure there are user instructions for the installation and appliances and supply them to any purchasers.

  • Read about the GSMR on the New Zealand legislation website
  • Visit Energy Safety’s website


Buy AS/NZS 5601.1:2013 Buy AS/NZS 5601.2:2013

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