New BSI Standards for energy efficiency benchmarking energy audits and energy efficiency and savings

Issue 45 – December 2012

Energy efficiency benchmarking Standard

BS EN 16231:2012 Energy efficiency benchmarking methodology provides organisations with a methodology for collecting and analysing energy data. The Standard helps organisations to establish and compare energy efficiency between or within entities (for example, a facility, activity, process, service, or organisation, and so on).

Setting the right benchmark as part of measuring and monitoring energy use can help an organisation reduce total energy consumption by highlighting improvement opportunities and can lead to reductions in costs and emissions of carbon dioxide. BS EN 126321 addresses the essential aspects of benchmarking, provides guidance on the criteria to be used to choose the right level of detail for data collection, processing, and reviewing to suit organisational objectives, and helps establish the boundaries of what is being benchmarked.

Energy audits Standard

BS EN 16247-1:2012 Energy audits – General requirements is a best practice Standard for auditing energy use that can help any organisation, whatever its size or type, identify energy waste and so improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and meet related environmental objectives.

Energy efficiency and savings calculation Standard

BS EN 16212:2012 Energy efficiency and savings calculation – Top-down and bottom-up methods provides a general approach for energy efficiency and energy savings calculations using top-down and bottom-up methods. The new Standard is applicable for use on buildings, cars, appliances, and industrial processes.

Summarised from BSI's Environmental and Sustainability Newsletter, November 2012.

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