Review of petroleum health and safety regulations

Issue 38 – May 2012

The Department of Labour (DOL) is reviewing the Health and Safety in Employment (Petroleum Exploration and Extraction) Regulations 1999. The regulations cover safe exploration and production of petroleum resources and apply to every petroleum operation.

The review aims to ensure the regulations are more consistent with international best practice and developments arising from recent major accident events overseas. The review proposes changes to help minimise the risk of major accident events in the upstream petroleum sector (both onshore and offshore).

The review is one part of the government's work programme to strengthen the regulatory environment for the safe and responsible development of New Zealand's oil, gas, and mineral resources.

The Department of Labour (DOL) is seeking public feedback on the proposed changes. Submissions close at 5.00pm Friday, 1 June 2012. Subject to final Cabinet approval, the revised regulations are expected to come into effect in November 2012.

Summarised from 'New Zealand Petroleum News', 9 May 2012.

Published in energy.