New Zealands largest solar subdivision to be built in Canterbury

Issue 36 – March 2012

Maxim Projects Ltd, one of Canterbury's developers leading the rebuilding of Christchurch, recently announced a new partnership with Meridian Energy and SolarCity to build New Zealand's largest subdivision using solar energy. 'Homeowners will see massive benefits of these new solar systems, as they will provide at least one quarter of the power needed to run their homes,' says Andrew Booth, SolarCity's Chief Executive Officer. 'The systems will also allow power to be fed back into the grid, further reducing the daily running of their properties.'

The solar power installations will be made available as standard for each new home constructed by Maxim at its 2200-section Highfield subdivision in northwest Christchurch. Solar power will also be available across Maxim's full 3500-lot property portfolio.

'The solar power installations across Maxim's developments will showcase the important role solar will play in rebuilding a more sustainable future for Canterbury,' says Booth. 'It's fantastic that such a progressive and world class development leads the way, powered by 21st Century energy. Solar power is one of the fastest growing energy technologies in the world, simply because it is clean, reliable, and a readily available alternative to fossil fuels.'

Summarised from a SolarCity media release 2 February 2012.

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