ISO 50001 energy management Standard adopted as European Standard

Issue 36 – March 2012

There is growing support for energy efficiency to bolster emissions reduction efforts. Energy security is a priority and European member states recently agreed to adopt the International Organization for Standardization's (ISO's) Standard for energy management, ISO 50001:2011, as the European Standard for energy management systems. The publication of EN ISO 50001 will replace the existing European Standard, EN 16001:2009, to be withdrawn at the end of April 2012

With uptake of ISO 50001 Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use already underway, major corporations throughout Asia have adopted the Standard, with Delta Electronics of China and LCD TV maker AU Optronics Corp Taiwan leading the way. Now Europe, eager to achieve the EU Kyoto Protocol promise of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% before 2020, takes on ISO 50001 to encourage organisations to systematically manage their energy use.

Organisations expect the new Standard to help them effectively and cost-efficiently reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, while improving energy security. With this in mind, sites such as Pfizer's Loughberg (Ireland) plant, Coca Cola's Wakefield (UK) location and Equinix's centres in the UK and the Netherlands have now achieved ISO 50001 certification.

With many more companies working toward the implementation of this international Standard, ISO 50001 should play an important part in shaping global corporate energy management policy.

About ISO 50001

ISO 50001 provides the requirements for an energy management system. Designed to make the most from energy technology, the Standard helps management to reduce their energy consumption, while boosting their overall energy conservation. This includes reduced energy costs and carbon emissions, and a more secure supply of energy. ISO 50001 helps organisations to take a systematic approach to continually improve their energy performance and establish a credible, certified reputation.

How does it work?

ISO 50001 helps to improve management techniques by providing a comprehensive scope of requirements to run an efficient energy management system. These include energy policies, planning, legal requirements, energy reviews, and baseline and performance indicators. The Standard also explains how to demonstrate competence, operational control, and best practice procurement of energy services, products, and equipment.

ISO 50001 can help:

  • anyone wanting to reduce energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and improve their organisation's reputation
  • those who want to develop a deeper understanding of internationally recognised best practice energy management
  • users of ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use who would like to develop their energy management systems
  • anyone responsible for the planning and implementation of an energy management system
  • quality assessors
  • energy technology consultants.

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