Gas equipment suppliers group suggests changes to E3

Issue 41 – August 2012

The Gas Equipment Suppliers Group (GES) of Gas New Zealand has recently made two submissions to EECA's Equipment Energy Efficiency Programme, known as E3. GES made submissions on gas appliance labelling and standards for space heaters, decorative appliances, and water heaters.

GES comprises most of the major gas appliance suppliers to the New Zealand natural gas and LPG market, as well as representatives from the appliance retail sector and appliance testing laboratories. GES spokesperson John Swarbrick says the GES made submissions as the gas supply industry will be greatly affected by the decisions made by EECA. 'It's very important that EECA get this right. E3 could affect both the design and marketing of gas heaters, which would significantly impact the gas supply industry.'

Swarbrick says the submission on gas space heaters urges EECA to take into consideration the small size of the New Zealand market. 'Only 4% of the gas supply in New Zealand is used for direct domestic purposes. Our submission pointed out that an extra compliance cost, such as MEPS, may lead to a gas appliance being displaced by an electrical one.

'This could mean the replacement electricity would need to be generated by gas-fired generation, resulting in a decrease in overall energy efficiency.'

Swarbrick says the E3 Energy Efficiency Labelling discussion paper needs development. 'The testing requirements of AS 4553 are basically sound but the combination of this information to form a meaningful label needs further work.

'With any labelling scheme it is vital that it is maintained current and enforced. Lack of check testing to ensure compliance puts the credibility of any scheme at risk and disadvantages those participants who play by the rules.'

Summarised from Gas New Zealand's newsletter June 2012.

Published in energy.