Use licensed workers for reconstruction work

Issue 37 – April 2012

Energy Safety has become aware of a number of instances where unsafe situations have arisen following repairs to buildings damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes. This may have been avoided if the work had been done by a licensed gasfitter.

The installation and maintenance of gas appliances is restricted work that must be done by licensed gasfitters.This includes any installation work or subsequent work on the gas pipes or flues, as well as installation of the appliance itself.

In particular it is important that flues for gas appliances effectively draw the hot combustion products to the outside of the building and do not allow them to enter the building. It is also important to ensure that any hot parts of the flue or the combustion products do not come into contact with combustible materials in the structure.

Energy Safety is investigating reported cases where flues in damaged buildings have not been reinstated in a manner that ensures both the safe removal of products of combustion and adequate protection of combustible materials from the effects of excessive heat.

Energy Safety advises all involved in reconstruction that all work on gas installations including flues, must be carried out by a licensed gasfitter. If there is any doubt they should consult a gasfitter.

Summarised from Energy Safety Business Update, April 2012

Published in energy.