Business to manufacturing transactions new IEC Standard

Issue 32 – October 2011

Information exchanges within enterprises and between manufacturers and businesses are essential for the whole production process to proceed as efficiently as possible. The latest instalment in a multi-part international Standard, which defines the interfaces making such transactions possible between enterprise activities and control activities, is now available.

Information exchanges take place at all levels within an enterprise and between it and its partners. They are intended to enable information collection, retrieval, transfer, and storage in support of control system integration. Enterprise-control system integration – Business to manufacturing transactions IEC 62264-5 focuses on the information interface between the manufacturing systems and the enterprise systems.

IEC 62264-5 defines transactions in terms of information exchanges between applications performing business and manufacturing activities and retains three different transactions: a pull, a push, and a publish model. IEC 62264-5 completes the IEC 62264 series, outlining protocols for business-to-manufacturing and manufacturing-to-business transactions, defined as information exchanges.

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Summarised from IEC e-tech August/September 2011.

Published in energy.