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Issue 32 – October 2011

Energy Safety, the Electrical Workers' Registration Board, and Standards New Zealand have just released a new video resource developed for the Electrical sector. The video has been created so all practitioners can have ongoing access to this information, rather than relying on traditional roadshow type seminars which can be difficult for many practitioners to attend. Creating the first video resource has taken longer than anticipated, however, the process and framework for updating it is now in place and future updates will be available more quickly.

The video focuses on:

  • the Electricity Act 1992 – the legislation which sets down the requirements for the registration of electrical workers and allows the EWRB to determine who can do different types of electrical work
  • the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010, which cover the technical guidelines for electrical work
  • the relevant Standards which have all the technical information you need to follow and support the regulations.

The video format allows practitioners to access the information when and as often as they want. It is presented in topic modules that viewers can watch in order, or select different modules to view at any time.

Viewers will see a combination of video and graphics that present useful background information on the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010, following the typical flow of electrical work – design, installation, testing, certification, inspection, connections, and reconnections. The video also covers registration, practising licences, how to use Certificates of Compliance, trainees' certificates and supervision, supervision procedures, exams, 'rules' of the EWRB, employer licensing, access to Standards, and how the range of Standards support the Regulations.

Viewing the video

You can view the video by following this link:

Future updates are intended to be released when substantive changes to Regulations are made, to keep the information valid.

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