Documentation required for the approval of declared high risk articles

Issue 28 – June 2011

Energy Safety has provided additional guidance on the information required to support an application for the approval of declared high risk electrical and electronic articles.

High risk declared articles require approval under Regulation 85 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010. All applications for approval must be accompanied by:

  • A single accredited test report from an International Accreditation New Zealand accredited or recognised testing laboratory, showing full compliance with the relevant Standard(s) cited in Schedule 4 for that declared article. Confirmation that the test report, has been issued by a testing laboratory demonstrably accredited for the particular Standards(s) listed in Schedule 4 at the time of approval application in accordance with regulation 81; or
  • For test reports in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission Electrical Equipment (IECEE) Certification Bodies (CB) scheme, both a single CB test certificate, and associated single test report, showing full compliance with the relevant Standard(s) cited in Schedule 4 for that declared article at the time of approval application. Noting that certification and test reports issued by IECEE CB Testing Laboratories (CBTLs) will only be accepted where an identical (IDT) IEC Standard is recognised or where the deviation from the IEC Standard is a notified deviation.
  • With applications for Residual Current Circuit Breakers with Overcurrent Protection (RCBOs), formal confirmation that the testing included full fault rating testing of all poles. (Testing circuit diagrams and photos of the testing set-up are likely to be required.)

Note that these requirements may be relaxed where the availability and cost of that documentation is offset by suitable alternative documentation.

Remember, Australian state and territory regulatory agencies recognise New Zealand approvals and that the TTMRA also applies to electrical and electronic goods traded directly between New Zealand and Australia.

Summarised from Business Update May 2011, Ministry of Economic Development.

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