Queens Service Medal Tom Leong dedicated supporter of Standards

Tom Leong

Issue 29 – July 2011

Standards New Zealand congratulates Tom Leong, who was awarded the Queen's Service Medal in June 2011 for his services to the electrical industry. Tom's hard work and professionalism has benefitted Standards development in the electrical sector for over 4 decades. In 2003 he won a Standards New Zealand Meritorious Award, which recognised his contribution and work on Standards development, and his dedicated support of Standards.

As an electrical engineer, Tom has been aware of Standards since his first day of work at the New Zealand Electricity Department in 1953. He is a Life Member and Past President of the Electricity Engineers Association (EEA) and he represented EEA on many engineering and technical committees during his career. He has served on the Standards Council and has chaired the New Zealand International Electrotechnical Commission National Committee. When developing Standards Tom has been particularly concerned with promoting safety for both the public and electrical workers. The Standards Council and Standards New Zealand acknowledge Tom's valuable contribution to the electricity industry.

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