Gas New Zealand new website

Issue 30 – August 2011

Gas New Zealand (Gas NZ) recently launched a new website to help promote the use of LPG and natural gas to Kiwis. The site works as a 'one stop shop' for consumer information about gas. Viewers will find frequently asked questions and the latest media releases, along with information on how to get connected.

Gas NZ spokesperson, Ray Ferner, says using natural gas and LPG as a direct energy source offers numerous cost, environmental, and energy efficiency benefits. He said the new website makes this information more accessible to the public. 'Gas New Zealand hopes to educate consumers and policy makers about the many advantages of making wider use of this strategic energy asset,' says Ferner. 'New Zealanders need to understand that gas is affordable, reliable, efficient, safe, accessible, and a great environmental choice. It provides a warm, healthy, happy home, that's the beauty of gas.'

Visit for more information.

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Summarised with permission from Gas New Zealand, a joint publication of the LPG Association of NZ and the Gas Association of NZ, July 2011.

Published in energy.