Mobile electro medical connectable installations Standard amendment published to reflect new regulat

Issue 31 – September 2011

NZS 6115:2006 Electrical installations – Mobile electro-medical connectable installations is amended to reflect changes in the Electricity Safety Regulations 2010. Amendment 1 includes:

  • a change to Figure 2 – add loss of neutral protection
  • a change of 'mobile medical connectable installations' to 'mobile medical facilities'
  • updates to 'referenced Standards', 'Appendix B', and throughout the Standard
  • change of 'body protected areas' to 'patient treatment areas'
  • change of 'supplementary' to 'earth fault'.

NZS 6115 guides manufacturers, importers, and medical facility users on the construction, checking, and testing of electrical installations in mobile medical facilities.

Published in energy.