Strict labelling requirements following LPG cabinet heater review

Issue 21 – October 2010

The Ministry of Economic Development will be introducing new measures to promote the safe and healthy use of LPG cabinet heaters, following a review into LPG cabinet heater use in New Zealand.

The review, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development and undertaken by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, concluded that there are safety and health-related costs associated with LPG cabinet heater use, as well as significant economic and societal benefits associated with the safe use of these appliances, particularly as a secondary heating option.

'After considering the report, the Ministry of Economic Development is looking at ways to build on the safety information already provided by the government and voluntarily by the industry, to strengthen the provision of information to consumers and to assist consumers to better understand the safety information that is available,' said Mark Wogan from the Ministry of Economic Development's Energy Safety Group.

Read the review report on the Energy Safety website (

Cabinet heater safety messages are available from the Energy Safety website (

Summarised from Energy Safety News, Ministry of Economic Development Business Update, September 2010.

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