Encouraging the supply of safe electrical and gas products

Issue 20 – September 2010

Energy Safety promotes and monitors the safety of electrical and gas products supplied in the New Zealand marketplace by conducting compliance audits. Energy Safety encourages suppliers and traders behaviour and processes to ensure the safe supply and use of electrical and gas products.

Energy Safety works with the market across the distribution chain to promote greater industry and public awareness of product safety and enforces compliance. This includes issuing 'Warning Notices' and 'Infringement Notices', or taking prosecutions as appropriate.

Energy Safety's proactive approach to maintaining the compliance framework and promoting the appropriate steps to the supply of safe products involves regular market monitoring of electrical and gas products, through audits and inspections of suppliers. This minimises the likelihood of unsafe products reaching consumers, as well as the costs associated with legal compliance action.

Our approach to market monitoring is to:

  • target non compliance
  • ensure that electrical and gas compliance conditions comply with regulations
  • strengthen relationships with the electrical and gas product industries
  • gain a greater understanding of the marketplace
  • maintain the value of a safe electrical and gas product environment in New Zealand
  • maintain the integrity of the electrical and gas product safety regime
  • provide a level playing field for suppliers.

In the financial year 2009-2010 Energy Safety undertook 746 audits of products, visited over 281 suppliers, issued 93 warnings, and took eight successful prosecutions.

As a result there has been a significant improvement in major retail, bargain type stores, and on-line and street traders.

Energy Safety intends building on this work in the coming year by encouraging industry and consumers to bring any concerns to our attention.

You can make a compliant about an electrical product by using the complaint form on the Energy Safety website or by calling the free phone 0508 377463.

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Summarised from the August 2010 Business Update, Energy Safety News, Ministry of Economic Development.

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