Standards for ensuring safe onsite electricity supply

A unique approach is needed to safely provide on-site electricity, for carnivals, construction sites, campsites, and relocatable premises (including caravans and mobile food units).  These situations require special considerations, outlined in three Standards.

  • Electrical installations – Transportable structures and vehicles including their site supplies, AS/NZS 3001:2008 specifies requirements for electrical installations in relocatable premises, including caravans and tents, and in caravan parks, and camping areas, intended for connection to low-voltage a.c. supply systems.  Supersedes AS/NZS 3001:2001.
  • Electrical installations – Shows and carnivals, AS/NZS 3002:2008 specifies requirements for the supply of electricity at low-voltage to power consuming devices within tents and other temporary structures used for entertainment or display, and purposes associated with shows and carnivals. It also applies to the supply of low-voltage electricity to distributed temporary installations, such as tent cities set up for scout/guide jamborees, army camps, and similar events. Supersedes AS/NZS 3002:2002.
  • Electrical installations – Construction and demolition sites, AS/NZS 3012:2003 outlines requirements for electrical installations, which supply electricity to equipment on construction and demolition sites.  It also includes requirements for the inspection and testing of electrical equipment used on these sites, referencing AS/NZ 3760 for methodology.

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