Performance of airconditioners

A new Standard is available for the Performance of close control airconditioners. AS/NZS 4965 is in two parts.

  • AS/NZS 4965.1:2008 Testing for rating specifies the conditions on which the capacity and energy consumption of factory-made close control airconditioners are based, and the test methods to be applied to determine the capacity and efficiency ratings. This Standard covers equipment using a single or multiple refrigerated direct expansion (DX) system designed to control and monitor temperature and humidity, and may include supplementary conditioning equipment.
  • AS/NZS 4965.2:2008 Minimum energy performance standard (MEPS) requirements specifies the MEPS requirements for close control airconditioners that fall in the scope of AS/NZS 4965.1. This Standard does not specify electrical safety requirements, but does specify values for rated power (input), rated capacity (output), energy efficiency ratio (EERS) for cooling, and minimum energy performance standard requirements.

Published in energy.

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