Gas distribution networks

A new voluntary joint Australian/New Zealand Standard for gas distribution networks is available. The Standard is in three parts.

  • Part 1: Gas distribution networks – Network management, AS/NZS 4645.1:2008 specifies performance-based requirements for fuel gas distribution network safety, defining important principles throughout the life cycle of gas distribution networks.
  • Part 2: Gas distribution networks – Steel pipe systems, AS/NZS 4645.2:2008 provides for the protection of the general public, gas distribution network operating personnel, and the environment. It ensures safe and reliable operation of gas distribution networks that reticulate gas to consumers.
  • Part 3: Gas distribution networks – Plastics pipe systems, AS/NZS 4645.3:2008 provides more detailed requirements for design, materials, construction, testing, and commissioning of plastic mains and services within a network, and is to be used together with Part 1.

Note: This Standard will remain voluntary until such time as it is referenced in the Gas Regulations 1993.

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