8 joint Australia-New Zealand standards proposed for withdrawal

Withdrawn Standards

Standards New Zealand constantly reviews standards that are more than 10 years old to ensure they are current and continue to be fit for purpose. As part of this process, we ask for feedback from stakeholders on standards which we propose to withdraw.

We are now consulting on 8 joint Standards Australia/ Standards New Zealand standards across these key sectors:
• Public Safety, Public Administration, Business and Management
• Consumer Products and Services and Safety
• Electrotechnology and Energy
• Building and Construction

These publications are proposed for withdrawal as they contain material that is out of date and are no longer fit for purpose. After standards are withdrawn, however, they remain available for purchase.

We welcome your input to help determine if they should be withdrawn, reconfirmed, or revised. We also need your views on whether any other standards or documents could adequately replace them.

You can read more information here, including which standards are affected and how to comment.

Published in consumer and occupational safety.