Effective product labelling – Updated ISO/IEC guide

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This article is summarised from an ISO media release, 3 April 2018.

ISO/IEC Guide 14:2018 Products and related services – Information for consumers has been updated to reflect changes in product labelling technology and the needs of a wider audience. The guide is useful for those involved in product labelling, like product designers, manufacturers, technical writers, and marketers.

Getting product information right is a key business strategy and ISO/IEC Guide 14 helps to ensure the product is really what it says on the label. The guide:

  • offers guidance on providing information about products and services intended for consumers
  • helps to improve the quality of product information for more informed and satisfactory purchasing choices
  • outlines general principles and recommendations for content, methods, formats, and designs, enabling consumers to compare and choose consumer products and their related services before purchase.

Product knowledge is an important factor for consumers, who, in this digital age, have never been more informed about the products they buy, or more hungry for information.

‘ISO/IEC Guide 14 offers guidance on what today’s consumers demand and expect,’ says Michele Althoff, Convenor of working group WG 15, the technical group that developed the guide. ‘Addressing the needs and expectations of customers when it comes to product information is a key ingredient in building or maintaining a brand’s reputation.

‘The revised guide takes into account new labelling tools like QR codes, as well as the information needs of vulnerable persons, such as those who could be at risk of harm from products due to their age or other limitations. It also pays closer attention to the treatment of sustainability and privacy issues.’

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