Standard helps suppliers produce safer consumer products – NZS ISO 10377:2017

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A new standard will help to reduce the risk of a consumer being injured by unsafe or dangerous products. NZS ISO 10377:2017 Consumer product safety – Guidelines for suppliers takes a whole-supply-chain approach to due diligence, ultimately to ensure products are safe for consumers. It provides guidance and tools to identify, assess, eliminate, or reduce potential safety risks, before a product enters the market. Businesses of any size and position in the supply chain can use the standard to ensure products are safe for consumers.

NZS ISO 10377:2017 has a wealth of information to help suppliers, including:

  • specific information for the design and production of products, and consumer product safety in the marketplace
  • practical guidance on assessing and managing the safety of consumer products
  • guidance on effective documentation of risk assessment and risk management to meet applicable requirements
  • information on how to provide consumers with hazard warnings or instructions essential to the safe use or disposal of consumer products.

The standard is accompanied by a guide SNZ MP 10377:2017 Consumer product safety – It’s your business. SNZ MP 10377:2017 provides guidance on international best practice, to help suppliers produce safer consumer products.

Sponsored free access to the standard and guide

Trading Standards is helping New Zealand businesses adopt the standard by offering sponsored access to a limited number of free copies of NZS ISO 10377:2017 and the guide, SNZ MP 10377:2017. To apply for free copies, you’ll need to apply for access. Read more (Trading Standards website)

FAQS and video

As aids to understand the standard, Consumer Protection has developed a set of frequently asked questions (FAQS) and a 3-minute video overview.

FAQS (Consumer Protection website)

Video (YouTube)

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