New standard for ski and tourism operators – Improving chairlift safety

Ohau Snow Fields above Lake Ohau

Standards New Zealand has published NZS 8635:2018 Passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors. Ski and tourism operators will use the new standard to improve the safety of chairlifts, gondolas and similar uphill facilities.

NZS 8635:2018 will help to ensure passenger ropeways in New Zealand are being operated safely and maintained to current best practice. The new standard specifies requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance, testing, and inspection of passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors.

The committee that developed this standard includes New Zealand ski and tourism operators and members of the Ski Areas Association of New Zealand (SAANZ).

NZS 8635:2018 is an identical adoption of the Canadian standard CSA Z98-14, modified with the addition of New Zealand-specific appendices. These appendices includes:

  • several extra clauses for New Zealand regulatory requirements
  • clarification of definitions and terms in a New Zealand context
  • standards relevant to the New Zealand situation
  • additional sections on ropeways used in New Zealand but not covered by CSA Z98-14.

The standard has been structured so that future revisions of CSA Z98-14 can be easily incorporated.

Published in consumer and occupational safety.