Joint Australian/New Zealand adoption of ISO 45001:2018

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In the previous article on the adoption of ISO 45001:2008 Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use, and its release for public comment in New Zealand, there was mention of the fact that the standard was under consideration to become a joint Australian/New Zealand standard.

During the time the draft standard was released for public comment (7 June to 19 July 2018), Standards New Zealand was in consultation with the P45001 committee to consider the option to join Standards Australia and jointly adopt ISO 45001:2018.

As a result of this deliberation, the decision was made to terminate the New Zealand-only adoption of ISO 45001:2018 and proceed with a joint Australian/New Zealand adoption of the standard. The option to jointly adopt was seen to be of greater benefit to the New Zealand economy and organisations operating in the trans-Tasman market.

If AS/NZS ISO 45001 is adopted in Australia and New Zealand as a voluntary standard, Standards Australia have communicated that consideration will be given to the status of AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Specification with guidance for use, which today remains a current standard. AS/NZS 4801:2001 remains cited in the Asbestos Regulations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and will continue to be cited until the government decides to review the legislation. The British Standards Institute (BSI) have communicated that ISO 45001:2018 is to replace OHSAS 18001:2007 over a 3-year transition period because OHSAS 18001 will be withdrawn.

The joint draft standard is currently out for public consultation (combined procedure) and closes on 28 August 2018. If you are interested in providing comment, please visit Standards Australia’s public comment portal here. All comments submitted to Standards New Zealand in the initial public comment period have been passed on to the new joint committee.

Please note: The draft standard on Standards Australia’s public comment portal is titled ‘AS ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use’. Despite the title, the draft is the joint draft standard.

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