Safetree – new forest safety website

The forest industry has launched the Safetree website, a new initiative to reduce the number of deaths and injuries in New Zealand’s forests. Anyone in the forest industry can use the website to find the safety information they need to do their jobs without injury.

The website includes resources for owners and managers, contractors, foremen, and crew. These resources:

  • help forestry crews keep operations safe and protect each other, by making sure  everyone does tasks the right way, every time
  • include how-to videos, downloads, posters, and flip-charts to show forestry crews the safe way to work.

Safetree is a combined effort, bringing together forestry industry groups and government including ACC, the Council of Trade Unions, the Forestry Industry Contractors' Association, the NZ Forestry Owners' Association, and WorkSafe NZ.

Visit the Safetree website.

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