Quad bike safety – wear a helmet

A farming couple from Blenheim have been fined $20,000 each for offences involving the use of quad bikes on the farm where they have a share-milking partnership.

Both were charged under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992. The charges were failing to take all practicable steps to ensure no other person was harmed at work while riding a quad bike and failing to take all practicable steps to ensure safety by wearing a helmet, and the safety of others by not carrying children on a quad bike.

Helmets help to reduce injuries

Quad bikes pose a serious risk on farms – on average five people are killed and 850 are injured every year. The best way to stay safe on a quad bike is to always wear a helmet, never let kids ride adult quad bikes, choose the right vehicle for the job, and get proper training. The vast majority of quad bikes used on New Zealand farms are designed for one rider and the manufacturers say they should not be used to carry passengers.

The standard for quad bike helmets is NZS 8600:2002 All-terrain vehicle helmets. It covers the minimum performance requirements for the manufacture of a robust multi-purpose lightweight protective helmet, which reduces the severity of head injuries from the use of all-terrain vehicles.

Summarised from a WorkSafe NZ media release, 16 December 2014.

Buy NZS 8600:2002

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