Simple steps for boating safety

Research by Maritime New Zealand shows one in three New Zealanders are involved in recreational boating. With so many people on the water, it’s important to take boating safety seriously.

Helping your friends and family stay safe in boats will ensure our loved ones come home safe and sound from the beach, lake, or river. You can remind the keen boatie in your family to follow these simple steps for boating safety:

  • check they have the correct number of properly fitting lifejackets
  • check the weather forecast
  • tell someone where they’re going and when they’ll be back
  • avoid alcohol before and while on the water
  • register and carry an emergency locator beacon.

National maritime rules require skippers to carry lifejackets and ensure everyone on board wears them when conditions become risky. Passengers can help ensure their own safety by putting a lifejacket on as soon as they board a boat — especially smaller ones where the risk of an accident is much higher.

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