Safety advice – power lines for your property

Energy Safety is reminding property owners that they are responsible for the power lines from the point of supply, which is normally where the line crosses the boundary of the property. 

In some areas, especially rural areas, the point of entry to a property might not be clear. If you are not sure which portion of the power line is your responsibility, please contact the electricity distributor (network company) in your area.

Overhead power lines may extend over several poles on a property before they connect to the electricity distributor’s network. Energy Safety recommends that property owners carry out periodic visual checks to ensure that the lines and the poles supporting the lines on their property are in good order. Network companies have the skills to perform these checks should the property owner wish to engage their services. These checks should include checking that power lines are not in close proximity to trees, or in contact with them.

Property owners should also check the location of underground power cables and other utilities such as water pipes, gas pipes, and telephone wires before digging.

A power line that is not maintained correctly could fall to the ground, or lie low to the ground, which could result in a serious injury or death to people or animals. Keeping your power lines in a safe condition will help avoid a serious accident or death.

Summarised from Energy Safety’s Business Update, April 2015.

Published in consumer and occupational safety.