Auckland Council introduces restrictions on sunbeds

Auckland Council is the first council in the country to impose restrictions on sunbed companies to help reduce the rate of skin cancer. From 1 July 2014, sunbed businesses in Auckland need to get a licence to operate, comply with a new code of practice, and restrict access to under-18-year-olds.

Licensing will give the council a way to monitor risk to peoples’ health through poor practices, while the code of practice gives the industry a good guideline of what is acceptable.

New Zealand’s standard for sunbeds is a voluntary standard, AS/NZS 2635:2008 Solaria for cosmetic purposes. It covers how to install, maintain, and operate sunbeds for cosmetic purposes, particularly in commercial establishments. The latest survey of solarium operators by the Ministry of Health indicates that more operators are now complying with this standard.

The standard restricts the use of sunbeds to people aged 18 and over and recommends the maximum UV intensity for sunbeds is cut by 40%. The standard also calls for all operators to warn clients that there is evidence of increased risk of radiation from tanning units contributing to skin cancer and photo ageing. 

Buy AS/NZS 2635:2008

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