Cold weather tips to keep children safe

Whether you’re out braving the elements or keeping snug at home, follow these cold weather safety tips for kids from Safekids Aotearoa.

Keep children in child restraints until they’re 148 cm tall

Driving in winter can be dangerous. Be prepared and make sure your child’s car restraint is installed correctly. Child restraints reduce the risk of death for infants and toddlers by as much as 70% in a car crash. Booster seats for children under 148 cm reduce the risk of injury by as much as 59%.

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Buy safe children’s nightwear

When buying children’s nightwear, pick a design that is snug fitting and has a ‘Low Fire Danger’ label. Nightwear with this label is made of fabric that burns at a slower rate than other nightwear. However ‘Low Fire Danger’ does not mean ‘no’ fire danger – all fabric can catch fire.

Heat your home safely

Make sure electric blankets and heaters are in good working order. Use fireguards and remember the rule to keep kids ‘a metre from the heater’.

Have working smoke alarms

Test them now. Replace batteries to ensure your smoke alarms are always working to save your life in a house fire.

Prevent button battery-related injuries

When a child swallows a battery and it gets stuck in their throat, it can cause serious burn injuries in as little as 2 hours. Safekids and Energizer recommends that you:

  • SEARCH your home for gadgets that contain batteries
  • SECURE these devices out of sight and reach of babies and toddlers, and keep loose batteries locked away
  • SHARE this life-saving information with caregivers, friends, family, and whanau.
  • finally, GET HELP FAST if you suspect your child has swallowed a button battery. Take the child to a hospital emergency department immediately.

To find out more, visit The Battery Controlled website.


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